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Complete annex prices

What a completed annex price includes

Our completed annexes are all ready to move into. Their features include:

  • Constructed to full residential building control standard for floors, walls and roof .
  • Low maintenance.
  • Exterior insulated cavity walls.
  • Connected to available services.
  • Double glazed tilt and turn windows.
  • Hidden electric cables.
  • Ready to move in and connected to services.
  • shower room & kitchenette.

Click here for a full specification list.

Annexe options / extras

  • Made to order, so tell us the design you need.
  • Bath fitted instead of shower (with upgraded water heating option).
  • Wet room - upgrade from standard shower room.
  • Ramp for wheelchair access.
  • Wheelchair accessible door widths are readily available at no extra cost.
  • 'Self Build' Kit only option available at massive discounts - ask for details.

Price list

Click on the models below for further details.

1 bedroom annexe, complete - click here for details
'The snug' - 3.3m x 8m
1 bed complete annex.

A delightfully
practical one bedroom annex with a tempting list of features. Click here for more details...
Built price*

£29,600 + VAT



'The Bothy' - 7.5m x 4.8m 2 bed annexe - click here for details
'The Bothy' - 7.5m x 4.8m
2 bed complete annex.

Unleash the potential of your garden with this delightful
two bedroom annex complete with a lounge / diner, kitchenette and shower room... Click here for more details...
Built price*

£34,050 + VAT



The Master Annexe- 2 bed annexe - click here for details

'The Master Annexe' - 7.15m x 7.5m

2 bed complete annex.

Charming two bedroom annex,
featuring a lounge / diner, separate kitchenette and a shower room...

Plenty of room for guests, or perhaps a separate study room instead of a bedroom. The choice is yours.

Click here for more details...

Built price *

£41,050 + VAT



The Breckan - 3 bed garden annexe - click here for details

'The Breckan' - 7.5 m x 9.6 m

3 bed complete annexe.

A remarkable annexe with plenty of practical space. Including separate kitchen, three bedrooms, shower room and
lounge / dining area.

Click here for more details...

Built Price*

£51,750 + VAT


'Bespoke' - Your choice of size annex.

Simply tell us the size and style of annex you want, with the features you require and we'll price it for you
. Click here to contact us with your needs...
Built Prices From

£29,600 + VAT
or more; prices depend upon specification.


*Prices include erection onto pre-existing foundations if there, electrics - inluding heating, plumbing, kitchenette, shower room and connection to existing services if already run to the correct position. Click here to see the full specifications of what is included as standard with the above prices. Prices may vary over time, as they are based on an exchange rate of £1 to 1.2 euros, with the vast majority of our building material costs being paid for by us in Euros.

We can also install suitable foundations and connect to existing services - charges for which can be assessed often over the phone without obligation on your part (click here to contact us) or during a site survey, as appropriate.

Other costs.

Here are a list of other costs that you will need to take into account. They are difficult to define in an exact price, as they will vary depending upon each situation. Additional costs  include:

  • Running water supply to and from the main home to the annex
  • Running armoured electric cable to/from main home to annex
  • Running waste water pipe from annex to mains drainage
  • Installing foundations
  • Tiling to shower room and kitchen
  • Plastered walls if required (adds 7% to the cost of the unit)
  • Any professional fees that may apply to gaining any permissions if applicable. To discuss planning issues for your site click here.

All of the above we can price for you as required.

The picture below is of a large 2 bed, 2 shower room annex building, with the Thermo Wood cladding option.


Larger round log cabin annexes

If you're looking for a larger log cabin to use as an annex, the following buildings can be used. However, this is only for the larger gardens, with substantial space and plenty of space around the area to be built. 







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