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Bespoke log cabins - you only have to ask...


What is a bespoke log cabin? Well, this is pretty much what we do for each customer; bespoke means that you get an individual design for your cabin. Now, how easily we can alter the design depends upon the type of cabin and we would need to know before we agree on a price, but in general, all of our log cabins can be altered to suit your needs, so you need not settle for something that isn't quite right for you. We even do more unusual items, like, 'mobile' cabins, farm shops and pavilions.


Bespoke log cabin kit designWith all log cabin homes, slight alterations, such as room sizes and layout changes are possible, usually without any extra costs involved, apart from accounting for the extra wood used if more is needed.


We are happy to offer a completely bespoke structure for you, and there are usually no design costs for you, apart from with the houses, which would have a cost implication for design side due to their complexity. For garden buildings or granny annexes, a design service is usually free. We would always let you know in advance if costs were involved.


Granny annexes and offices are two of the most commonly altered structures we do and so are bespoke by their nature. I cannot remember when someone last went for an 'off the peg model', and this is where our bespoke log cabin service really scores. Because we are happy to provide you with the length, height, width and partition needs for your log cabin, you will end up with just what is right for you, at no extra cost.


But surely, being bespoke it must cost more?


Flat pack Bespoke log cabin garden houseNo. We only charge for the volume of wood we use and as each cabin is made to order for our customers, the fact that we make a bespoke design is just part of our service. So, although a cabin that is 5.5metres long and 3 metres wide, with a partition, will cost more than one without a partition, you know that you are getting great value for money and only paying for what your require.


What about windows and doors? Are these bespoke?


We have a range of windows and doors to choose from, and although these are usually off the shelf, you are able to have them in varying positions and quantities and to choose from single and double windows and doors (which can be partially or fully glazed too). This makes for some great personal touches to your cabin and means that your bespoke cabin is truly unique to your needs.


Call us for a quotation or make an online enquiry with your needs and we'll call you straight back. Thanks for reading!

Last update: 27.11.2015