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Log cabin offices

The possibilities for layout and design of your log cabin office building are virtually endless. You can have pretty much whatever length and depth and however many rooms or partitions you require. We have a whole range of log cabins suitable as log cabin office buildings. Click here to see a range of examples, which we can customise to your required design and size.

Practically speaking, the flat log buildings can be erected with minimal DIY skills and in a very short time. Esthetically too, the buildings make a wonderful addition to any property and are great spaces to love and work in, making them ideal for uses as diverse as granny annexes, garden houses and gyms through to modern office spaces.

Log cabin office building example

Here are a few great shots of a recent log cabin office that we erected. Whether you're looking for a commercial office, or a home office, contact us with your requirements and we will price up the space you want.


Log cabin office building UK Office view Internal shot of office View of Log cabin office inside, looking out

Last update: 27.11.2014