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GDPR & privacy statement

How your data is handled
Personal data is used by The Real Wood Company, in the processing of your enquiry and during the lifetime of contact between us, including after sales care.  Data is not shared, other than in the processing of your enquiry and your privacy is taken very seriously.

The Real Wood Company is a trading division of
Trade Exchange UK Limited
Company reg number : 4029884
VAT number : 854 7782 75

Director Karl W Brown

Initial telephone leads, email, response forms, newsletter subscription and follow up customer service and where live chat is used on our site, this is handled using a third party subcontractor, Future Computer Services Ltd., who maintain and manage our site and are contracted specifically to aid us with these enquiry answering services.

Your details will be handled by a specified member of staff, who we have contracted specifically to deal with our clients. The staff member is the only one who will have access to your details and these details will only be used to service your enquiry and to pass them to ourselves, via email and or phone. Although occasionally another member of staff may answer the call, no other member of staff at Future Computer Services will have acess to your electronic data and it is kept on a password protected PC, which only this specified member of staff has access to. Data, where backed up is encrypted and accessible only by this particular member of staff.

Any personal data taken will not be passed on to third parties, other than above, unless you specifically request this, in relation to your enquiry. For instance, we also work with Plainview Planning for Garden annex and house planning permission and where you specifically request in writing, via email, we or our contractor, will pass your contact details through to them for the purposes of introduction and for them to service your planning enquiry.


Archiving and storage of data and emails
By the nature of our industry, your contact details may be kept in emails, electronic diary and may also be entered onto a private database facility to track the progress of your enquiry by both us and the subcontractor, above. Email correspondence and electronic diary notes will be kept for the life of the enquiry and subsequently will be archived in case you return in future, in order to service your enquiry, warranty claims, etc.. Historic emails are necessary to be kept for customer service and legal reasons, as the enquiries often span several years and once a product has been supplied or quoted for are necessary to be kept for the duration of the use of the product.

You have the right to request deletion of certain classes of data and access to data stored about you and should you wish to exercise your rights, please email below. We will ask for proof of identity before sharing your data, which may include calling you on the number we have for you, or an email from the specified email address we have on record. Where these contact details are no longer available, for instance you have changed email and phone numbers, further proof of identity may be needed before we release private data to you. If you have not purchased from us, or have not commissioned any work through us, and you no longer wish to work with us in the future, and feel that you want your data permanently removed from our electronic format, please contact us as above and we will take appropriate measures to remove records of you from current databases, etc., as required and reasonably possible.

Online chat enquiries
Livechat data is also archived on the Livechat software archive online and is not accessed by anyone other than the specified member of staff at Future Computer Services Ltd.

Newsletter database
Where we carry out electronic newsletters, you will not be added to our newsletter email database unless you have specifically opted in now or in the past. Our online newsletter service is fully GDPR compliant and your data will not be accessed by third parties unless they are specifically contracted in to do so, as subcontractors working for our company. In this event, only the specified contractor will have access and only for the purposes of newsletter management for our company. No newsletter contact data will be shared or sold to third parties. Your data is secure with us. If you wish to be removed from the newsletter database, simply unsubscribe using the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the newsletter, and the data will be removed from the newsletter facility.

Paper records
Any paper records, such as invoices, are archived in secure storage. Contact enquiries made over the phone, where taken on paper, are then passed on and the paper copy is destroyed securely.


Your right to withdraw consent:
For the deletion of your details from our records, where appropriate, please contact at cabins@logcabinhome.co.uk with the subject ‘Data removal request’ FAO Keith Saye or Karl Brown.

If you wish to see the personal data we hold, please email cabins@logcabinhome.co.uk with the subject ‘Personal Data Request’ FAO Keith Saye or Karl Brown.


Your right to complain.
If you feel we have not complied with your request for data, you have the right to notify the ICO - Information Commissioner's Office  at https://ico.org.uk/

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us to ask.

Cookies on our website

Cookies are small file, placed on your computer, mobile phone or other device in order to provide a better service and user experience. Simply put, without cookies, most websites would cease to function in the interactive way you have come to expect. Cookies on our website cannot be used to identify you personally.

What are cookies used for?

Amongst other things, cookies are used for:

  • Preventing repetitive requests for the same information during a task, including not repeatedly asking for a user and password for every web page visited.

  • Monitoring visitor activity anonymously, in order to better understand numbers using a website.

  • Analysing anonymous data to better understand interaction with a website in order to increase usability of a site.

  • Storing of data within a browser for use later in the website. For instance, cookies are necessary for most shopping carts to remember the contents of the cart etc.

Cookies are a good thing?

However, if you feel you want to know more and wish to manage these yourself, you can learn more about them through this useful video link http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/SiteInformation/Cookies/DG_WP201851?CID=Central&PLA=url_mon&CRE=managing_cookies

How to control cookies
You can also learn how to remove cookies set on your device www.aboutcookies.org which contains a comprehensive list of instructions for various browsers. You can choose to turn off cookies on this and other sites but you will almost inevitably dramatically cut down your user experience and may not be able to interact with the site at all.

What cookies might you find on our site?

First-party cookies:
If you log into our website, such as with our e-commerce, we may set cookies for account information and cart contents. These are simply used to order products or set up an account online

Third-party cookies: Other companies' tools which we use to enhance your user experience, for instance Wordpress, Twitter and Facebook have their own cookies, which are controlled by them but are set by their tools while you are on our site. You should check the third party website for information on their cookie usage.

Application Cookie What it does Further reading
Google Analytics _utma
Anonymous information, used by us to improve the user experience, which amongst other things says where a visitor came from, pages visited and the number of visitors to the site. Google Privacy Policy
Share This __uset
Tracks what is being shared, how and where to Share This privacy
Google Policies and Principles
Facebook datr
Embeds Facebook content Facebook privacy policy
Wordpress (Visit Wordpress for a full list)

Please refer to their websites for further information.

Linking to another website from ours

We are not responsible for the privacy practices within any third party web sites that we link to from our site. To be aware of the website's privacy policy on any site that you visit, you must read their privacy policy.

Changes to our privacy policy

Changes to our privacy policy will be reflected upon this page. Should you wish to be aware of changes to our privacy policy, you must regularly visit the page for any updates, and it is your responsibility to do so.

Last update: 19.05.2018