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Last update: 29.03.2018

The construction and details during a large two bedroom annexe build

Part 1 of the build of a large 2 bedroom log cabin annexe.

Early in the the build of a large 2 bedroom log cabin annexe

This video shows the initial stages of the annexe installation, where the foundations have been laid and the log cabin is being built up. Features shown include details of the foundations and how the cabin sits on that. The video then goes on to discuss the double wall, and the material making the wall, namely a laminated flat log profile. The floor and wall insulation are shown in detail, explaining and outlineof installation key points.


Part 2 of the build of a very large (12m x 7 m) 2 bedroom log cabin annexe

Large 2 bedroom log cabin annex, complete

With an overview of the completed outside of the log cabin 2 bedroom annexe installation, this video shows a few of the key features, including the Thermal wood cladding which gives a low maintenance, attractive finish. Other features discussed include the foundations, finishing of the ground after completion and details of insulation measures around doors and windows. 

Please note, the price of this annex is due to it being a very large, 12m x 7 metre building, with gas central heating, and including all costs for foundations, running services, build costs, fixtures and finishes etc.. Our annexes start from £29,600 + VAT built, click here for details and here for specifications of what is included in a standard installation.


Log cabin insulation

Log cabin insulation

Showing a snippet from video part 1 and 2 for those interested specifically in the insulation of the cabins. These elements are drawn together to explain how the cabins are brought up to building regulations through a combination of double skin and insulation material.


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