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Mobile log cabin design


Many prospective clients have a need for their log cabins to be designated as mobile structures - this is simply done.


Log cabins as mobile homes

We can have a metal sub-frame prefabricated, upon which the building can be erected. This is a simple grid of 'I' beams which we specify for each building, the cost of this framework obviously varies for each building so we will quote on an individual basis.


By resting your log cabin on our proprietary frame you will be able to crane the building to another location, (although some buildings may need special permissions for travel on the public highway).

For budgetary purposes you should provide roughly 15% of the kit cost for this framework.


Case study


Mobile log cabin - the lodge - mobile cabins would normally be one storey!

The 'Lodge, one customer used this as a 'mobile' log cabin. Usually, a mobile cabin would be one storey!

One client in Scotland took this idea to the extreme, and took our specifications for a home office building and applied it to fabricating a metal sub-frame for our 'lodge' model. Using 300mm deep by 200mm wide 'I' beams he set about welding a sub-frame for this model and sat his log 95, all 38 tonnes of it, on this sub-frame then proceeded to move it one metre to illustrate its portability to the planning officer.


So many things are possible, its all about vision and a little hard work.


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Last update: 12.07.2018