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Wood cabins / log homes design, structures.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the more commonly asked questions we find. Just click on the headings below to get to the question. If the answer isn't here, please contact us (click here) or use our online application form.


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How energy efficient are log cabins?
Is planning approval required?

Is it possible to self build the cabins?
How long will my log home take to be delivered?
What do I get with my log cabin kit?
How long should my log home last?
Are log cabins suitable for all year round living?


How energy efficient are log cabins?

Solid log structure are known for their excellent thermal qualities. This is because heat is trapped in the mass cellular structure of the wood, making it a natural insulator. These properties retard the transfer of heat (and therefore also loss of heat) and also sound, maintaining comfortable temperature throughout the year.


With the round log buildings these come with 200mm thick logs, unless stated otherwise. Laminated wood structures vary in thickness with the models. The roof and floor also have a very good insulation quality.


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Last update: 06.01.2016