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Log cabin year round living

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How energy efficient are log cabins?
Is planning approval required?

Is it possible to self build the cabins?
How long will my log home take to be delivered?
What do I get with my log cabin kit?
How long should my log home last?
Are log cabins suitable for all year round living?



Are log cabins suitable for all year round living?

For the round log and thick laminated or double skinned log buildings, the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'. Please make sure you tell us that a particular project is for year round use and we will make sure you have an appropriate solution.

A solid 200mm log wood structure has greater thermal efficiency than two layers of a brick built house. This means that in winter it keeps your warm and in summer it will keep you cool.

If in doubt, remember that the origin of this type of structure is in the coldest places in the world.

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Last update: 23.02.2015