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Log cabin specification - what is supplied?

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Is planning approval required?

Is it possible to self build the cabins?
How long will my log home take to be delivered?
What do I get with my log cabin kit?
How long should my log home last?
Are log cabins suitable for all year round living?



What do I get with my log cabin kit?

There is a full list of items supplied with your order (so please confirm items to be supplied within your schedule, supplied with order), however, you usually be supplied with all :

Timbers for the foundations
Exterior wall logs and beams (and interior where required)
Ground and first floor joists and boards (as required)
Roof rafters and purlins
Window frames (most round log cabins come with triple glazing, Summer houses come with double glazing where windows are ordered).
Door frames - usually including all internal and external doors (see schedule)
Balcony and terrace wood structure where this is part of the specification
Stair case where appropriate

Other small items are listed in the schedule. You can see a more detailed specification list here.

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Last update: 09.02.2016