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Suffolk Log cabin

The Suffolk - exterior view

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Log cabins Suffolk (the)With its three bedrooms and two bathrooms, this log cabin has a perfect blend of style and practicality; from its covered terrace leading from the beautiful tripled glazed French doors, to the vaulted living room space.

The the Living room has a vaulted ceiling which accentuates the size of this room, and the detail of the triangle-shaped window sitting above the entrance door also adds that touch of class.


At ninety-eight square metres, plus a veranda of nearly sixteen square metres, 'The Suffolk' is ideal as a home for a family of four to spread out as comfortable living space.

Or, if you prefer, this could be used as your very own holiday home; this is just spot on and is big enough for between six to eight people.

Best of all though its the atmosphere that comes from a building being made using logs.

Stylised plan view Stylised plan view
Hallway with vaulted ceiling Hallway with vaulted ceiling
Bedroom Bedroom
Kitchen area Kitchen area
Dining room area Dining room area
Lounge next to kitchen Lounge next to kitchen

We supply a range of log cabins, not just The Suffolk and not just in Suffolk, but around the UK and in Europe and beyond.

Last update: 08.06.2016