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Lincoln Log cabin


The Lincoln- exterior viewApologies, this model is being replaced during September 2017 and is therefore currently out of stock.


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We supply log cabins throughout the UK, including Lincoln, as it's namesake suggests. Click here to see the range, any of which can be supplied wherever you live.


 Log cabins Lincoln, one of our log cabin homes


Standing in a foot print of 11.2 metres by 9.5 metres, with a signature full height bay window to the front, flanked by two covered veranda / terrace areas either side, this building is truly imposing. A great looking roof structure completes the stunning exterior and very practical interior.

The Lincoln can be manufactured and supplied in both 160mm or 205mm laminated log format, or in standard flat log format, giving this building real solidity and bearing.

With huge rafters and joists holding up the roof and floors, added with the vast expanse of window these features give this building a light and airy atmosphere for a great living environment; a real statement.


Last update: 21.06.2017