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Home Gym

Cheap Home Gym suite design buy

Perfect as a home Gym or an office space, as it opens out onto a veranda or to decking.

If this building is the wrong shape or size, or too expensive, please look at our range of buildings and find the closest to your requirements and budget. We produce buildings to your exact specification at no extra surcharge - simply charging you for the wood and windows used. Our flexible design service means we should be able to supply a building within your budget! Click here to ask, with no obligation on your part. 


At nearly six meters wide by 5 meters deep this massive space offers flexibility. The two sets of French doors, both of which have double glazing, give it the added benefit of a superb panoramic view.

Construction comes in our standard 44mm, 60mm or even 80mm wall and cost effective too.

Home Gym suite prices
Home Gym suite An impressive structure at nearly 6 metres wide & 5 metres deep Home Gym suite From 5075 + VAT

Ideally suited to help create a desirable and practical space in the garden, it offers a perfect setting as a home Gym or an office space, with the two sets of double doors opening onto veranda or decking.

Last update: 12.08.2016