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Buy Log home or Garden house

The steps to having your order completed:

Order a standard model or one from your own design.
Steps for a house are more complex, so please contact us for full details. With garden buildings, there will be delivery costs, depending upon your location and the model chosen.

Confirmation of order requires a 30% deposit
Once we receive your deposit, we will manufacture your building and the remainder of the money will be due fourteen days prior to delivery.

Preparation of ground works.
How thick your base for resting the structure on, will depend upon the model supplied and we will give you instruction on this. For models over 3 x 3 metres, you should consider a concrete base of at least 100mm thickness and this will increase depending upon the model you require.

Delivery of your kit structure.
Your approximate delivery date will be given to you at the time of order. However, please allow flexibility, as this can vary - updates are available nearer the time. Delivery is usually around six to eight weeks from receipt of the deposit for garden buildings and houses are longer, depending upon the model.

Build your structure / home
Full instructions are provided with your garden building or house, irrespective of the type and size of structure you order. Telephone help is available whilst you construct the building or you can get a quotation from us for construction for all but the smallest units.

After care.
We will give you advice on how to look your new structure.

Last update: 29.09.2014