A Hunting lodge: luxury log cabins France


Luxury log cabins France

When it comes to log cabins France is a fantastic place to site your dream home. We supply log cabins throughout the UK and Europe (we have even delivered to The Falklands!).


Luxury log cabins France


What do you do when you own 5 acres of land including 500ft of frontage onto a huge lake?


You build a custom made log home on the edge of the lake with a jetty to moor your jet skis.


Luxury log cabin - internal shot


Well, that's certainly one possible scenario and one which we have had the pleasure of helping with, by erecting a luxury log cabin in France.  In this case, the client brief was simple, they had already decided to excavate half the lake side hill, build a basement in block work and then ask us to provide the living accommodation on top of it. This meant that we had to supply a kit to fit the exact parameters of the block work.


Easy? well, we had to be exacting in our measurements, but we have no problem accommodating such requirements.


As you can see from the finished building it was a spectacular job.


The roof was a specialist raised seem zinc sheeting system which was install by a third party specialist and this doesn't come cheap but a great way to finish a great building.


All the windows are double glazed (of course), the balcony leans out onto the lake and the weather does the rest.


Log cabins have a great history and have been used in Europe for centuries. They make an ideal home or holiday retreat. Become one of the increasing number who follow us on Facebook to keep up with more great articles on luxury log cabins France and other case studies, or contact us with no obligation on your part if you are potentially looking to buy a log cabin now or in the future.


"So, have you ever stayed in a log cabin? Perhaps a log cabin is your dream home or retirement home, or maybe you just like the building material. Tell us your story below; we'd be delighted to hear from you!"


Last update: 26.11.2014
Posted on January 22, 2017


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