What do log cabins look like inside?


A question we are fairly commonly asked is - what do cabins look like inside? The answer; it's up to you. Obviously, if the cabin has a flat log, or a traditional round log look outside then this is usually reflected inside. See below for a compilation of some internal shots.


However, with the smaller flat log cabins you are not limited to having a wooden log finish inside and a plasterboard finish can be used, which can then be skimmed to give a more modern internal look.

Please ask for advice on what might be suitable for your particular circumstances.  Round logs are generally not suitable for plastering internally, as the natural movement in the structure is too great. 

Interior views of log cabins 

Over to you:
If you had a log cabin, how would you finish the internal walls?


Or perhaps you already have a cabin and can tell us how you finished it and what, if anything you'd do differently, if you did it again?

Last update: 02.06.2016
Posted on January 22, 2017


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