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Yorkshire Log cabin building

Our brief was to supply and erect a kit that would sit on top of a pre existing basement constructed from concrete block.

We were supplied with the clients architectural drawings and we set about producing our own technical and production drawings to manufacture the building.

This was a delicate task as we were working to fine tolerances where by if we got it wrong it would not fit on the pre existing parapet block wall then this would be a costly mistake.

We produced our drawings and agreed them with the client.

The next challenge was the access to the site. The village of Baildon is set in the Ilkley moors and we had to unload the trucks into a nearby field and transport the materials by tractor and bogey to the site and forklift them off piece by piece.

This was slow work. The site was at Faweather Grange and the roads were winding and narrow.


Five weeks later we produced a landmark building, a flagship unit on the Faweather Grange resort. Our VIP Alpine lodge is there on the Faweather Grange website in all its glory.

Last update: 08.11.2014