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Custom build your bespoke log cabin home design.


Build your custom design log home with us, cheap, Ireland, UKLook at some of the examples we have here they are some of the many styles available to build, off the peg (see menu above). However, most of our clients have their own preferences for design and layout of buildings and so we offer a custom design services.


You want bespoke. Make it bespoke!

Original models customised to your specification

If you want to start with a fresh piece of paper and come up with your own custom design for houses it is usually 10% more than a standard model. For bespoke smaller garden buildings not requiring major architectural drawings and retooling, we usually cost it based on the volume of wood, and so there is no surcharge for producing a bespoke log cabin garden building.

We will help you achieve your dream by bringing your own design to life.


Altering existing models:

If you want to custom fit a model you can have a standard model and just add windows and doors, change room sizes and overall dimensions. 

Delivery of customised models is available worldwide.

So call us for a free, no obligation consultation on 0800 619 1852 or use our enquiry form (click here) and let us deliver your dream.

Last update: 30.12.2015