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Stages of log Sports Pavilions work

  1. Supply of specification and initial plan drawings by client.
  2. Production of plans to match stage 1
  3. Once the order is placed, ground work plans are supplied and construction begins when groundwork is complete and services are in place
  4. Upon completion of main structure, services are put in place after the roof is completed.
  5. Sign off of building

We have a huge wealth of experience in designs of large buildings including log cabin sports pavilion design. The design below was produced in laminated flat log, where the log elements were put together using three thicknesses of log, kiln dried and then laminated, to give a superior finish and construction.

If you need more information on pavilions or any other large bespoke house, tennis huts etc., click here to ask us what you need (no obligation on your part). We can alter buildings to suit you and if you don't see what you want, just ask (click here).

Kiln drying and placement of wood elements with the grain running in more than one direction means that construction of such a building is easier. The elements are precision made and therefore slot together very easily with reduction of potential for warping and less settling of the components.


Log cabin sports pavilion design


Last update: 22.01.2017