Wood houses / log cabin prices - price list

NB Before ordering, please check that your specification is correct, using the specification details which will be provided with the order form.


All prices are for delivery of a log cabin kit within the UK mainland, are excluding VAT and will be as per the specification schedule which will be provided with the order form.

By clicking on the links models below or using the top menu, you can view a selection of models that we have as standard. With each model there is a larger outside view, a plan view and link to the price list page.

Number of bedrooms
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(and square

Special /
other features
The cabinThe cabin
(Code LCH62)

Two bedrooms
1 bathroom
78 sq. ft of terrace.


Three bedrooms
The Scotland
(Code A-THR) Ground floor 58.8 sq. metres, first floor 43.6 sq.
80mm laminated log or 205mm versions. 30.7sq. metres of terrace, 10.8 sq. metres of balcony
From £37,000
to £55,400

Three bedrooms
The Cabin - supplied worldwide, England, Scotland, Ireland etc.The Suffolk

(1054 sq. ft of living space)
Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, vaulted living room space, covered terrace, veranda of 169 sq. ft

Three bedrooms
The LodgeLodge
(Code LCH80)
(1050 sq. ft)
Three bedrooms
including a sauna space off the
Family bathroom ,
Integrated carport outside. Phenomenal value, this house is a timber frame rather than a log house.

Three bedrooms
The Master LodgeMaster

(Code LCH95)
(835 sq.ft)
Three bedrooms
Two bathrooms

300sq ft of decking and balconies and upstairs bonus space

Three bedrooms
The Grand LodgeGrand

(Code LCH111)

(925 sq.ft)
Three bedrooms
Two bathrooms
350 sq. ft of decking and huge vaulted ceiling and sauna.

Three bedrooms
The OntarioThe Ontario
(Code LCH145)
(1400 sq.ft)
Three bedrooms
One bathroom
196 sq. ft of decking plus carport and sauna room.

Four bedrooms
Log cabins - the LincolnThe Lincoln
(Code TT-TRW)
(Ground floor 69 sq. metres, first floor 58.6 sq. metres)
Tall trees from 80mm solid log (not laminated) from
laminated 160mm
19.2 sq. metres of terrace, 8 sq. metres of balcony.
(flat log).
Laminated log £POA

Four bedrooms
The ColoradoThe Colorado
( Code LCH160)
(1650 sq. ft)
Four bedrooms
Two bathrooms
375 sq. ft of balcony and decking .

Four bedrooms
The Grand ColoradoThe Grand

( Code LCH188)
(1750 sq. ft )
Four bedrooms
Two bathrooms
700 sq. ft of decking and balcony.

Four bedrooms
The SurreyThe Surrey
( Code LCH250)
(2600 sq. ft )

Four bedrooms
Bright and open plan building

Huge 'French' doors from living room to the outside and a huge 300 sq. ft covered terrace.


Seven bedrooms
The LakesThe Lakes
( Code LCH360)
(4000 sq. ft )
Seven bedrooms
4 bathrooms plus
225 sq. ft of decking