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Reduced maintenance cladding options.

All of our cabins are low maintenance, which is why we can afford to offer a ten year guarantee as standard.

However, we also offer a slightly more expensive cladding option, which is specially treated to drastically reduce maintenance required on the annexes and other log cabins. The cladding is guaranteed for up to fifteen years without treatment.

During production of the cladding, the preparation treatments mean that resin is removed and  moisture content of the wood is dramatically lowered in the process (up to 40-50% less than untreated wood). Other physical properties of the wood are changed too, so that less moisture is absorbed than with untreated wood. In addition to being more resistant to rot, the thermal conductivity is reduced up to 20% compared with untreated wood.

Thermal wood low maintenance cladding

So the main benefits are:

  • Reduced maintenance required and enhanced lifespan due to improved durability against decay.

  • Increased thermal insulation due to a reduction in thermal conductivity.

  • Increased stability of the wood due to the lower moisture content.

The wood will weather in sunlight, due to the effects of the UV light on the surface. This results in a change of the surface colour from brown to a delightful weathered grey colour, as you can see from the video.If you prefer, a surface pigment treatment can be applied to give alternative colours.

Last update: 19.01.2016