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Granny annexe designs

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With the flexibility of a log cabin, designing of granny annexes needn't be  a restrictive process.  Rooms may be of any reasonable size and in any layout, and therefore you simply need to work out the layout that you require.


Common annexe design features
The typical granny annexe usually consists of one or two bedrooms, a kitchen and dining area, shower room and sitting room.   We have several standard models and designs which have proved popular as the basis of an annexe, but we seldom ship a standard model.  Flexibility of design is the key to satisfaction, and we will happily assist you in the layout planning for your ideal solution.


Within the structure of the annexe, you will also want to plan the layout of windows.  These can be placed at many different heights and positions within the walls, and it is important to consider the light and position of furniture and fittings within the layout.  Don't forget to plan the internal layout of kitchen and shower room facilities, cupboards, storage and amenities, so that you can plan where windows and doors are best suited.


Building types
Although we produce round log cabins as houses, we are also able to take our cheaper, garden houses and thicken up the elements or even produce double skinned units.  These have the advantage of allowing a cheaper build and also for someone with rudimentary woodworking skills to assemble the structure to roof level, thus helping to reduce the overall costs of building a granny annexe.

Last update: 19.01.2016