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Ten Year Granny Annexe Warranty

At The Real Wood Company, we know that peace of mind is important. With this in mind, we offer a ten year structural warranty on our standard granny annexes, provided proper external wood treatment is used over the life of the product.

Low maintenance product

All of our annexes are low maintenance. However, for a lower maintenance option, the Thermowood™ option has a fifteen year guarantee, without treatment, reducing the maintenance still further.

The roof is finished off with Katepal 15 year Felt roof shingles - see specifications for the full specification list.



Our warranty is pretty comprehensive but there are a few things that we cant be in control over. for instance, if you break the glass in the windows and doors or if a door swings off its hinges due to a strong wind whilst it is left open, then this is not covered. The fixtures and fittings within the property are covered by a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Last update: 22.04.2016