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Granny annexe range

People ask us to show them buildings suitable for use as granny annexes, but although we have a few standard models, we usually work the other way around. You tell us what you want - how many rooms your granny annexe
requires, the sizes, the windows you want, and we’ll come up with a model just for you, a no extra cost. Continue reading

Permitted development outbuildings

This is our second article on permitted development in layman’s terms.  See our first article for a link to the government website on such matters, so that you can consult the rules yourself.

We all want the rules set out in a language we can understand, so, in plain and simple terms here is a potted summary of what you should be able to do with home offices.

Planning permission is not required to run a small business from your home,
provided that the primary and predominant use of the house remains as a

It is very difficult to make hard and fast statements as to when
running a business from home would cross the threshold and actually need
permission. This is because a lot depends on how it could affect neighbours
or change the char­ac­ter of the house. For example, having a small office
in an outbuilding that contains little more than a computer is very
different from running a car repair and spraying busi­ness from that same

The amount of noise, traffic, visitors and the existence of
employees are all highly relevant. In today’s hi-tech world, many businesses
can exist invisibly within houses or in outbuildings in the garden without
involving any change of use in planning terms.

So, best of luck with your project and remember you can do a lot more than you think you can do without formal planning.