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What are log cabins suitable for?

We get many calls regarding log cabins and their suitability for use as certain structure types.  But the truth is, that there are a whole host of applications for which a log cabin is ideal.

Amongst their uses, most people associate log cabins as houses, but are less familiar that they make great offices, are suitable for use as a granny annexe or as an occasional room in the garden for Summer use or as a games room. Continue reading

Log cabin offices

Log cabins make a great opportunity for office space, either in your garden, or on a commercial site. As log cabin offices, they provide a comfortable and professional working environment.

We offer a great range of log cabin offices and these are not limited to the stock items.  Whether you have a base already prepared, and want a building to fit it, or have a special requirement, like an odd shape, length or even partition walls, we can help. Continue reading