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Luxury log cabins

Having just come off a phone call where someone asked me a build cost for a completed log home, and was surprised at me for suggesting that it might be possible to spend £20000 on a kitchen for a log cabin, I was moved (well, more driven!)  to answer this point in a quick blog article. :-) Log cabins can in fact be luxury log cabins and these require luxury kitchens, which can in some cases make up a substantial part of the overall build cost. See our Log cabins in Yorkshire case study. Continue reading

Services related to planning

On this page, we will list companies and details related to planning consent, dealing with miscellaneous items, such as ecology of an area, protected trees etc. As we fill this page, we may split it down into service areas, but for now, please see below. If you are planning consultant or looking for one, please see our planning consultants directory (consultants can be added free of charge). If you wish to be listed here or on the directory, please contact us. Continue reading

Planning consultants UK directory

This is just a quick post to make you aware of our planning consultants’ directory. We started this directory in order to help our clients get the best possible outcome from their planning applications. In our opinion, we would never go for a planning application, or even application where permitted development was not clear, without a consultant on board, if it were for a new build or similar. Continue reading

Granny annexe range

People ask us to show them buildings suitable for use as granny annexes, but although we have a few standard models, we usually work the other way around. You tell us what you want - how many rooms your granny annexe
requires, the sizes, the windows you want, and we’ll come up with a model just for you, a no extra cost. Continue reading

What are log cabins suitable for?

We get many calls regarding log cabins and their suitability for use as certain structure types.  But the truth is, that there are a whole host of applications for which a log cabin is ideal.

Amongst their uses, most people associate log cabins as houses, but are less familiar that they make great offices, are suitable for use as a granny annexe or as an occasional room in the garden for Summer use or as a games room. Continue reading